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Teaching and other Staff – Conditions of Service

Adhi College of Engineering & Technology has a set of ideals, a vision and a mission. The Management has a simple message for all its staff, present and future:


  • 1. All faculty Members and other staff should possess qualifications as prescribed for various posts by the competent authorities from time to time.

  • 2. All appointments to teaching and other posts shall be on probation for a period of one year in the first instance. On satisfactory and successful completion of probation period may be considered for confirmation in service.

  • 3. As a matter of policy the Management encourages and permits all staff to acquire higher educational qualifications / pursue research etc., subject to the condition that they shall serve the institution for a minimum period equivalent to the period of study after acquisition of such higher qualifications.

  • 4. No resignation will be accepted in the middle of the academic year except on payment of three months’ salary in cash by the incumbent staff.

  • 5. All staff are eligible for categories of leave as under:
        (a) Casual leaves – 12 days in an academic year @ one day for every completed month of service.
        (b) Vacation leave –7- 15 days during summer subject to a minimum of one year’s service in the college.

  • 6. Leave can be availed of only after it is granted.

  • 7.Permissions to come late to the college are allowed only twice a month. Permissions if requested in excess of this limitation shall be debited to the applicant’s casual leave at credit or loss of pay as the case may be.

  • 8. In case of any grievances / disputes etc affecting teachers may make a representation in writing to the Principal on the issue / issues in question and the Principal after due examination thereof shall communicate in writing his / her resolutions / responses to the aggrieved teacher or other staff.

  • 9.If the said resolutions / responses are not to the aggrieved teacher’s satisfaction it will be open to him / her to appeal to the Chairman / CEO.