MOU with Malaysian Indian welfare and social development

Dr.Navaneetha Sagaya Balan Krishnan, Founder and President- Malaysian Indian welfare and social development and Dr. Elanjoslan V.M, President-National Association of private educational institutions were on a visit to the ACET campus between (5/11/2017) and (8/11/2017) to explore the possibility of signing a memorandum of understanding with the college for an international student collaboration Programme.

MOU with Wolkite university

Adhi and WKU shall mutually help for
          i)Establishing laboratories as per requirements.
          ii)Training the faculty to conduct projects, consultation and research on laboratories.
          iii)Exchange Professors and Researchers as guest professors.
          iv)Conduct joint workshops, training programs and Value added courses.
          v)Carry externally funded projects jointly.
          vi)Exchange students to carry out higher education and job training.