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Memorandum of Understanding

MOU with Malaysian Indian welfare and social development

Dr.Navaneetha Sagaya Balan Krishnan, Founder and President- Malaysian Indian welfare and social development and Dr. Elanjoslan V.M, President-National Association of private educational institutions were on a visit to the ACET campus between (5/11/2017) and (8/11/2017) to explore the possibility of signing a memorandum of understanding with the college for an international student collaboration Programme.

MOU with Wolkite university

Adhi and WKU shall mutually help for

  • Establishing laboratories as per requirements.
  • Training the faculty to conduct projects, consultation and research on laboratories.
  • Exchange Professors and Researchers as guest professors.
  • Conduct joint workshops, training programs and Value added courses.
  • Carry externally funded projects jointly.
  • Exchange students to carry out higher education and job training.