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Mechanical Engineering


About Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering department is a major branch of ACET, It offers comprehensive Undergraduate&Post Graduate Curricula to the students as per Anna University norms in respect of both the theoretical and practical aspects of the course. A team of well trained faculties are doing their best to promote the developmentt to a higher level.

The Mechanical Engineering Department work together in a cordial atmosphere to the achievement of excellence in education.Our Classes promote frequent, direct interaction between professors andstudents, greatly enhancing the learning process.

Laboratory courses in several mechanical engineering areas provide intensive experience in experiments/data Design, measurements and analysis. Students receive experience in designing through in our CAD/CAM lab..

The entire department is committed to excellence in Engineering education, and the broader development and welfare of its students. We are confident that who have a flair students will be delighted with the student-focused environment and total educational experience that we offer, we are sure that we can be of assistance with your educational goals, with your research or consultant needs, or in any other way.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering is a premier department educating high quality engineers to serve the diverse needs of our changing society. The department has a well-funded, high quality research environment,so as to depart a well trained students community to face the needs of this competitive world. The department has strong, dynamic alliances with industries, alumni, other departments and the community.


1.Our mission is to promote the well-being of students society through excellence in teaching, research and service to the needs of rapidly changing technical diversity of mechanical engineering.

2.To impart quality education to the students to build their capacity and to enhance their skills to make them globally competitive mechanical engineers.

3.To develop linkages with Industries and various educational institutions for excellence in teaching, research and consultancy practices.



To provide quality education for The effective efforts made to standardize the technical knowledge and productivity in terms of achieving the prominence expertise through education, practice and contribution also to reach out the widespread altitude through excellence by anticipating the technical intensification for global aspects.


To adopt the emerging technologies and advancement in engineering through a systematic procedure would be procured.

The goal is to evolve the design, simulate and analyze the product as well as process using appropriate advanced software.

The objective is to establish the creative skills towards research and product development for industrial applications.

The department focuses to generate the energy from unconventional sources like solar and wind are being carried out through new ideas, methodology and innovative tasks.

The aim to provide a personality with a complete managerial administrative and expert in emerging technology added to have the potential such as social vision and moral to a global society.

PEO 1:

The graduate will be efficient in understanding the engineering basics and technical information represented by symbol and to find the various projections of the object. Proficient knowledge to analyze machines and their parts through technical drawings and graphical presentation.

PEO 2:

The graduate has the ability to generate the technical ideas in terms of basic components and linkage of systems, displacement, and acceleration mechanism added with depth of knowledge about kinetics and kinematics of machine, friction and vibrations.

PEO 3:

The graduate has adequate knowledge on latest techniques in manufacturing process to carry out the new materials with improved physical mechanical and thermal properties.

PEO 4:

The graduate has improved administrative and managerial proficiencies to employ in the organization, especially to improve the productivity by reducing the loss of cost through the optimum utilization of resources such as time and man power by effective methodology.

Engineering Graduates will be able to:

1. Analysis skills: The approach is used to find the solution in terms of dimension, mechanism, product and process of a particular part in an efficient way.

2. Design expertise: A sequence of appropriate technical procedures designed to making out a product.

3. Evaluation of technical problem: Aware about the technical issues is essential to resolve the problems.

4. Advance Materials and applications:Ability to find out the improved mechanical properties by the addition of new material with existing make through modern advanced manufacturing techniques.

5. Mechanical behavior of Materials: The knowledge about mechanical properties and deformation mechanism of the materials would be acknowledged.

6. Global technical knowledge: Acquire a comprehensive need and requirement of a product outcome in order to find the solutions for the particular application.

7. Research and Development: The innovative ideas and methodology would be followed through a systematic investigation into materials and process in order to find the facts to attain new conclusions.

8. Upgrading emerging technology:Automation in manufacturing industries, Nano technology in materials is essential to enrich the technical advancement.

9. Process Planning Activities: Quality and standard of operations, reliability and service life durability of the process will be accomplished through the activities.

10. Project Management: The discipline makes true the initiation, execution and organizing a multi task towards goal in a time and cost-effective manner.

11. Cost Effective Analysis: A focus which needs to understand the material, market and resources of the products in a view of costs and benefits, including indirect and longer-term effects.

12. Universal Standard Codes for process Selection: The knowledge of common coding system which represents the product and process details along with material properties.

Should have knowledge to analyze the system material process from drawing interpretation.

Should have extended knowledge about solid and fluid mechanics and thermal properties of different materials.

Should be expert in Software tools which is to be analyze and simulate the process would be represent the real time experimental results.

List of Labs

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Faculty Profile

Head of the Department

Head of the Department
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Adhi College of Engineering and Technology
Sankarapuram, Kancheepuarm- 631605.
Contact No : 9842966226

Faculty Details

1 Dr.DEVARAJU.A B.E(Mech), M.Tech (ECM), Ph.D Professor View Profile
2 Dr.PARANTHAMAN.V B.E(Mech), M.E (Prod.Engg),Ph.D Professor View Profile
3 Dr.PALANISAMY.D B.E(Mech), M.Tech (MFG), Ph.D Asso.Prof View Profile
4 Mr.PERIYARDHASAN.R B.E(Mech), M.E(CAD), (Ph.D) Asst.Prof View Profile
5 Mr.HARIKUMAR.R B.E(Mech), M.E(CAD/CAM),(Ph.D) Asst.Prof. View Profile
6 Mr.PRABU.R B.E(Mech), M.E(P & P),(Ph.D) Asst.Prof. View Profile
7 Mr.GOPI.R B.E(Mech), M.E(TE),(Ph.D) Asst.Prof. View Profile
8 Mr.RAJI.A B.E(Mech), M.E(TE),(Ph.D) Asst.Prof. View Profile
9 Mr.SIVAKUMAR.S B.E(Mech), M.E(ICE),(Ph.D) Asst.Prof. View Profile
10 Mr.SURESH.A B.E(Mech), M.E(CAD),(Ph.D) Asst.Prof. View Profile
11 Mr.FANTIN AROKIA RAJ.A B.E(Mech), M.E(ED),(Ph.D) Asst.Prof. View Profile
12 Mr.MURALI.P B.E(Mech), M.E(TE) Asst.Prof. View Profile
13 Mr.UMAPATHI.D B.E(Mech), M.E(TE) Asst.Prof. View Profile
14 Mr.JEYAPRAKASH.P B.E(Mech), M.E(ED) Asst.Prof. View Profile
15 Mr.KUMARAVEL.P B.E(Mech), M.E(IC) Asst.Prof. View Profile
16 Mr.RAMKUMAR.S B.E(Mech), M.E(ED) Asst.Prof. View Profile
17 Mr.PRABAKARAN.R B.E(Mech), M.E(AE) Asst.Prof. View Profile
18 Mr.KARTHIKEYAN.D B.E(Mech), M.E(ED) Asst.Prof. View Profile
1 Dr.SARAVANAN.I B.E(Mech), M.E(Manu), (Ph.D) Professor View Profile
2 Mr.SIVASAMY.P B.E(Mech), M.E(ED),(Ph.D) Asst.Prof. View Profile
3 Mr.GOPINATH.D B.E(Mech), M.E(ED) Asst.Prof. View Profile
4 Mr.Prasanth.L B.E(Mech), M.E(ED), Asst.Prof. View Profile
1 Mr.VENKATESAN.S D.M.E Lab Instructor
2 Mr.SRINIVASAN.R I.T.I Lab Instructor
3 Mr.THANIKACHALAM.N SSLC Technical Assistant
4 Mr.KANNAN.B I.T.I Lab Instructor
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Calendar & Syllabus

Department Calendar 2017-2018 for Odd & Even Semester.

2013 Regulation Syllabus for B.E - MECH.

2013 Regulation Syllabus for M.E - Engineering Design


1 410116114009 Cheziyan S II 8.73
2 410116105011 Saipritha L II 8.69
3 410116114030 Manoj C B II 8.46
1 410115114076 Vanitha Y III 9.25
2 410115114020 Gayathri R III 9.13
3 410115114022 Gowri Priyadharsini K.S III 8.75
1 410114114026 Iyappan P IV 9.22
2 410114114067 Rajalakshmi V IV 8.96
3 410114114094 Venkatesan K IV 8.83


MECH department is having two professional bodies SAE and IWS:

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE):

SAEINDIA is a leading resource for mobility technology in India. As an individual member driven society of mobility practitioners the ownership of SAEINDIA wrests with its members who are Individuals from the mobility community, which includes Engineers Executives from Industries, Government Officials, Academicians and Students.

SAEINDIA is an affiliate society of SAE,Internationally registered body in India,as an Indian non-profit engineering and scientific society dedicated to the advancement of mobility industry in India.

The officers in Governing Boards, Operating boards and Committees share the responsibility of its efficient functioning here.Now all efforts are on with a single minded purpose to propel the automotive engineering profession by focusing on three trends occurring in the automotive industry today that affect all automotive engineers and engineering societies.

The first of these trends is simultaneous integration of the roles of design engineer, manufacturing engineer, supplier, marketer, and planner. The second trend is the reliance of auto manufacturers on suppliers and design houses to support the design and manufacturing functions. A third factor crucial to an internationalized auto industry in standards as communication, as a basis for regulation, and as an aid to interchangeability.

Global standards have become a necessity, and the responsibility for developing them,falls on the individual engineers who participate in standards work.

During its hundred plus years, the automotive industry has achieved remarkable progress in both production output and technological development. However, associated with this progress has been a slight yet noticeable lag in the level of technological development as compared to the increase in production volume.

The founding principle of the SAE International is to unite scientific and technical staff to perform free academic discussions, to dedicate themselves to the cause of prospering the science and technology for automotive vehicles and to make contributions to speed up the modernization of automotive industry.

A great deal of effort has been expended to make these definitions suit this purpose. It is recognized quite well by both SAEINDIA and SAE International,which keep on raising its bar on standards like linguistic dictionaries; even our efforts and purpose must be revised periodically to reflect current usage and changing needs.

Indian Welding Society (IWS):

The objectives of IWS are as follows:

1. To promote the advancement of Welding, Cutting, Reclamation, Hard Facing and related technologies and other allied sciences which the Society may decide from time to time.

2. To facilitate exchange of ideas, information, development work etc. amongst members; by organising lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences and development programs; publish periodicals, books, journals, and magazines; and develop software and educational programs, video films and training packages relating to the objectives of the Society.

3. To offer flexible class room/distance learning programs in various aspects of welding & related technology that suit the requirement of various levels.

4. To promote professional exchange of information, experience and advanced training within and among various countries across the globe.

5. To enter into arrangements for providing members of the Society with advice and assistance on all matters connected with the objects covered by this Memorandum.

6. To admit any person(s) to be Honorary Member(s) of the Society on such terms, and to confer on them such rights and privileges, as may seem expedient.

7. To approach, negotiate, confer with and/or act in any advisory capacity Government, Municipal and Local Authorities, and various economic segments/industries with respect

8. To the objects covered by this Memorandum with a view to offer consultancy / advice to industry and other segments of the country's economy.

9. To give awards, scholarships, fellowships, and grants to individuals/teams of professionals and organisations in regard to specific projects in various spheres of welding & related technology directly or in association with other professional organisations having similar objectives.

10. To make such rules, regulations and bye-laws as may from time to time be necessary for carrying out the above objects or otherwise.

11. To make efforts to introduce Energy efficient and non-polluting technologies for a cleaner environment.

12. To provide Training and education of rural youth to help them settle for a quality Life.

13. To promote any other activity incidental to the above objects but not involving the carrying on of any activity for profit as the Governing Council from time to time determine.


1 16.03.2018 Dr. R. Prakash, Associate Professor, VIT University One Day National Conference - RSMME
2 01.03.2018 Dr.A. Elaya Perumal, Professor and Director for Students Affairs, Anna University,Chennai Cheif guest for the Mechanical Symposium - Mechignitro '18
3 04.08.2017 Dr.N.Manikandan, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering college, Tirupathi One Day Workshop on “Design Of Experiments and Intelligent Decision Making Tools"
4 17.07.2017 Dr.P.Sathiya ,Ph.D, Associate Professor, NIT,Trichy One Day Workshop on “Advanced Metal Joining Process for Smart Materials”
5 11.07.2017 Dr.R.Karunakaran, Dean and Professor University college of Engineering,Kanchipuram. Intra College Level Symposium “Mechstorm-2k17”
6 10.07.2017 Dr.V. Anandakrishnan,Ph.D., Assistant Professor,Department of Production Engineering, NIT, Trichy Guest Lecture on “Powder to Products”
7 27.06.2017 Mr. Suburaj, Center Manager, CADDAM Technologies Pvt. Ltd,Tambaram. Workshop on “Product Design And Additive Manufacturing using 3d Printer”
8 3.5.2017 to 5.5.2017 Mr.Krishna Chaitanya, Application Engineer from ARK Info Solutions, Hyderabad, Telangan
Dr.Tamiru Demsis,Academic Vice-President,Wolkite University,Ethiopia.
Dr. David Juarez Romero
Dr. S. Kalaiselvam, Head,Department of AppliedScience and Technology,Anna University, Chennai
Dr. P.Suresh, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT Trichy.
1st International conference on Advanced Functional Materials(ICAFM - 2017)
9 10.03.2017 & 11.03.2017 Mr.Krishna Chaitanya, Application Engineer from ARK Info Solutions, Hyderabad, Telangana. Skill Development Program (SDP) on FEA & CFD Using Ansys
10 25.02.2017 Dr.S.EArumugamm, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, SCSVMV University, Kancheepuram Guest Lecture on Biolubricant and Biodiesel from Rapeseed Oil
11 16.01.2017 Dr.P.Muthukumar ME,Ph.D,Professor,Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati Guest Lecture on Energy Efficiency And Green Energy Technologies
12 10.09.2016 Mr.Pradeep, Chaiman of SAE Mahindra &
Inaugural Function of SAE India
13 25.08.2016 Mr.C.Jayakumar,B.E.,M.O.T.,D.I.S., Deputy Director Guest Lecture on Job Opportunities for Mechanical Engineering in Private and Government Sectors
14 06.08.2016 Mr.Om Ariara Gugan, Project Manager, Hinduja Tech. Ltd., Guest lecture on Automobile - After Treatment System


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