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CEO's Message

The wholesome development of the character and personality of our budding youth is critically dependent on the quality of the education they receive in their formative years in our schools and colleges. I am firmly persuaded that the deliverables - even in technical education - should include a bias for values, a concern for others, and a fitness for social responsibility and environmental stewardship besides academic competencies and professional skills. Hence, the emphasis we consciously choose to lay on a holistic approach to the educational needs of the aspiring youngsters who enter the portals of ACET year after year. I am glad and grateful that in all of our efforts we are being brilliantly supported by our distinguished faculty who are ever busy, writing and rewriting their newer and newer algorithms for a nationally benchmarked higher technical education while putting their wards through the paces in readiness for the anticipated leaps ahead to the knowledge and digital economy of the future.

And, the Management, for its part has been all along and will always be alive to both our short term and long term goals, willing and eager to measure up to the rising and varying demands made from time to time, for their fullest realization, whether in relation to expanded infrastructural facilities, logistics, provision of incentives for meritorious students or other facilities for their holistic development in terms both of academics and a disciplined life style during their sojourn at ACET.

My best wishes for the prosperity of ACET, to our Chairman and Correspondent, to our Principal, and to all our faculty, supporting staff and our dear students who together are the life and blood and spirit of the institution!

Smt.Sujatha Maran